Essential Gear For The Mountain Bike Rider

mountain bike ridingMountain bike riding, which is quite different to traditional bike riding is a sport well loved across the globe. Most people are drawn to it because of the adventures it comes with of exploring and discovering new places, meeting new people and not to forget keeping fit. What makes this sport more advanced is that one need to have some skills to be able to combat with all the challenges and it could sometimes take a toll on your body so to start, you ought to make sure you are in great shape.

Essential Bikers Equipments

Mountain bike- If you plan to start mountain biking then you have to know that the most important thing is the bike, of course, there are other important things but you have to make sure you have the right mountain bike. One thing you must do is to get a bike that fits, you can have it fitted or you can make sure it is neither too big nor too small.

The best place to get one is at a bike store instead of a supermarket or a general store. When you are investing in a bike, it is not wise to get a cheap one because you will be subjecting it to rough and tough environments and you really don’t want it breaking down at the first opportunity.

Helmet- Biking is quite a dangerous sport, which makes a helmet a very important equipment because even before adventure and fun comes your safety. Falling down during a tour on full speed could bring a lot of damages especially if you hit your head so a helmet makes sure that part is protected, make sure you get one that fits so it does not become a distraction.

Gloves- These are also part of the protective gear because they make sure your hands do not scrape or sore while riding or in case of any accidents. There are full gloves and fingerless mitts and they come with different padding and insulation so you can have your pick.

Glasses- These are just as important because you need to see where you are going so you can focus on the tour. You see, when you are on top speed, even wind is usually a problem so you need the glasses to keep it out as well as things like bugs or things that might blur your vision.

Pump and puncture repair kit- Bikes are bikes and any type is bound to get a puncture, which is why you have to be prepared. You can also get a multi-tool just in case of anything.

So, who can do mountain bike riding?

This pastime sport can be enjoyed by almost anyone no matter his or her age of fitness. However, you should start out on beginner challenges such as the road or foot paths as many people end up disappointed on injured after trying the extreme ones.

Improving your techniques

There is a universal bikers tip that states, stand up on downhills and sit down on up-hills. When people are riding a one-speed, they need to stand to enhance force on up-hills but a mountain bike requires no force as long as you are in the right gear. Actually, extra force might wear down and break your chains and even your bike.

It is also important that you stand on a downhill, actually you should do so properly because it is safer to be balanced so that when you hit a rock you will be able to adjust yourself preventing a fall. Always change the right gear at the right time. If you are a beginner, always downshift early so you can keep your momentum going.

For a beginner, you should be in the lowest front gear most of the time because you really will not be needing the middle or top gears. This will help you concentrate on just the back gears. You should always keep your eyes at 10 feet in front of you because looking at the top of the hill will give you anxiety, try to ride as if you driving a car looking ahead without looking at the road you are riding on, don’t fixate on obstacles instead focus on your way around them to avoid hitting them.